I benefited from Laurie's skills as a coach on many occasions. Her focus on my needs and the coaching process allowed me to find and follow my path to greater success. I recommend her coaching services to anyone looking to advance themselves and their goals and objectives.

Joseph S. CEO June 18, 2016

"Laurie is an exceptional coach for those who wish to succeed. She guides diverse individuals to elevated performance in the same way that althetes' coaches help them optimize their talents. Those whom Laurie coaches gain from not only her considerable skills, but also from her understanding of the pressures and importance of performance in business. Her leadership and coaching experience in competitive, performance-oriented business environments is a valuable and rare combination."

T. Taylor, PBDM June 18, 2016

"Laurie is very professional, organized and always kept the focus of our sessions on me. She does a great job in coaching you through your challenges. She asks key questions that keeps you thinking which leads you to working out possible solutions or options. What really helped me is that she held me accountable, circling back to previous discussions to gauge if things were going as I planned.

K. Izso, National Technical Manager (Commercial) June 18, 2016

"I worked with Laurie when I was taking my training to work in the Life Insurance business, and she was a positive and encouraging coach while I was studying to write the exams required. She had a rare combination of warmth and complete professionalism.
She made me feel like she was on my side, and saw my strengths, which she encouraged and nurtured. She was also completely authentic, which made me trust her. She brings out the best in people, which is a rare gift."

Robyne W. June 18, 2016

Laurie Fenske was instrumental in the success of my career at Sun Life. Without her, I doubt that I would have survived in the business. The first few years as a Financial Advisor are extremely difficult, as you struggle to learn the business and build a block of business. At the time, licensing preparation classes were given by our managers, and I found Laurie to be one of the best trainers that I have encountered at Sun Life. She has a unique combination of in depth knowledge and the ability to teach and guide people that is hard to find. She also has a true desire to inspire and help people reach their potential, and I am sure that she would help anyone she works with.

C. Whyte, BA CFP CH June 30, 2016

The Keys to Success workshop was one of the best meetings I’ve attended so far. Very relevant with information I can use immediately

Bob A. December 24, 2016

"As a coach, I have a high standard for coaches and Laurie nailed it. She's professional, completely focused on the clients' goals and helped me achieve more than I set out to. She has incredible coaching presence, takes her job very seriously and helps you raise your own standards by the way she practices what she preaches. I cannot recommend her highly enough; she exceeded my expectations and helped me over-deliver on my own goals."

A. Task March 12, 2017

"Doing the Book Yourself Solid program with Laurie was an eye opener for me. I had done many other business coaching programs, but BYS showed me areas where I was still lacking. The straight forward activities and with Laurie's guidance and ability to ask the 'right' questions helped me to gain clarity of how to work on the areas of myself and my business that I still need to. This will have an immeasurable impact on the success of my business. Thank you!"

Sheila Sutherland Life and Relationship Mastery Coach May 10, 2017